Detachment East (Det East) is a new breed of VFX / Picture Post Production house aimed at independent film makers & creators of high quality imagery content.

Det East is based in a quiet canal side development in East London, we believe we are the answer to many producers that do not have the giant budgets that the “Soho” VFX companies require.  We have reduced our overheads and worked out more efficient ways of running our business to allow us to make a substantial saving for producers while keeping the quality as good as, if not better than the work done in Soho.

Whether you are looking to get more for you post production budget or do not have enough for the “Soho Prices” we can get involved.


We are an official bed room facility - for several years now talented artist have been doing work from their bedrooms, we were no different, and why not, it avoided the commute, the company politics and working in dirty part of the West End of London.  

The bedroom facility is appealing to clients as the cost of doing VFX work was much more competitive, now lets face it there had to be a time that this bed room industry broke free of the home and applied the efficient structure that we worked out from the ground up into a micro VFX company.

We have zero legacy, that means we don't have expensive equipment that we are still paying off, even though it is redundant. We don't even have any moving hard disks, we are completely sold state, this means faster workflow and a more robust system with less faults.

Out Aim

Det East wants to carve out a niche in the film market for lower budget / non VFX reliant films, that require high quality but cost effective post work, Conform, Grade & VFX.  We have handled 676 shots over two films in 8 months, so we know we can take on medium size jobs no problem.

We can help with the entire post production process and be involved from an early stage to make sure all the picture post is as efficient as it can be and save the producer time and funds, so that the budget can be spent were it should be and that is on the screen!

Who is behind Det East?

Det East was formed in 2012 by Diego Vazquez & Sam Smith, Diego is Det East VFX supervisor, Lead Artist and all round film whizkid! Sam is the VFX producer & Managing Director and takes care running the business.

Diego Vazquez Lozano

Diego was born to be a VFX artist / film maker he has the perfect blend of technical and artistic qualities that give him the most incredible understanding of VFX and film making process.  Having worked on major Hollywood feature films and many of the high profile commercials and promos for the leading VFX companies in London & LA his experience is second to none.

Diego has also directed two feature films, several commercials and pop promos allowing us to take care of the entire production if required, while still applying our efficient production and post production methods.

Sam Smith

Sam an entrepreneur with creative ambitions, he also was a VFX artist and has a good understanding of what is needed, this gives him a great overview of the business.  Having worked as a designer for many years as well Sam has a good eye and some great solutions to problems that are thrown at him. His remarkable transparency and understanding of business make him a perfect guardian for our mission.